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Perhaps you’ve seen my earlier works at Altamira. I am confident, if I could trace my lineage to paleolithic times, I would have been one that ‘wrote’ on the cave walls. I write and teach calligraphy art and painting styles from early historic to contemporary writing. My services range from private commissions to commercial design and calligraphy: wedding, invitations, social events, specialty, resolutions, advertising, books, CD’s, and ad campaigns.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Muzeo presents: The Word, Ink and Blood

Here I am with Patricia Davis,
Manager, Special Events and Operations for The MUZEO.
Patricia's proficiency made everything look effortless and flow smoothly.
Thursday I had the great honor of demonstrating my Visigothic Versals and manuscript illumination work as part of the kick off of this marvelous exhibit. It's not to be missed.
See http://www.muzeo.org/ for a taste of exhibit and read more

THE WORD, Ink and Blood
February 3 – Sept. 9, 2012

THE WORD: Ink and Blood making its first ever west coast debut, is the world’s largest, most comprehensive exhibition on the history of the Bible and the origins of written language. This unprecedented collection of artifacts, which includes authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments, ancient biblical manuscripts and 5,000-year-old pictographic clay tablets from ancient MesopotamiaTake a journey back 5,000 years to trace the written history of our existence as it was preserved through the ink of scribes and the blood of martyrs. Dead Sea Scrolls, clay tablets, Hebrew Torahs and Gutenberg's Bible are notable artifacts in this exhibit.

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