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Perhaps you’ve seen my earlier works at Altamira. I am confident, if I could trace my lineage to paleolithic times, I would have been one that ‘wrote’ on the cave walls. I write and teach calligraphy art and painting styles from early historic to contemporary writing. My services range from private commissions to commercial design and calligraphy: wedding, invitations, social events, specialty, resolutions, advertising, books, CD’s, and ad campaigns.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Summation lV

The Escondido Arts Partnership’s annual year-end juried exhibition features some of the finest work produced and displayed by San Diego and Southern California regional artists in 2011. Artwork from the exhibition is part of the annual Summation publication by Poet’s Inc. which documents poetry inspired by works of art in the exhibition. Summation 2011 celebrates the summations of an artists vision and process during the year.

My two pieces, Go Forth Boldly and Vicious Poodle were accepted

Wendy Wison, Executive Director of EAP

View from the Sidewalk...I'm in the front window!

The Vicious Poodle
I had so much fun watching everyone read it. 
I could tell when they finished because they were laughing.

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