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Perhaps you’ve seen my earlier works at Altamira. I am confident, if I could trace my lineage to paleolithic times, I would have been one that ‘wrote’ on the cave walls. I write and teach calligraphy art and painting styles from early historic to contemporary writing. My services range from private commissions to commercial design and calligraphy: wedding, invitations, social events, specialty, resolutions, advertising, books, CD’s, and ad campaigns.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Postal Notes - Program

Postal Notes is a wonderful One-Day Workshop. 
Note cards are created using postage stamps as the theme.
The seven principal elements of design*, are combined to make beautiful, interesting and unique note cards.
There's the added bonus of finally finding a use for the scraps of paper, ribbons, bows and other
beautiful bits that are too precious to throw away.

The seven principal elements of design:
Line, Shape, Balance, Size, Texture, Color and Value

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