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Perhaps you’ve seen my earlier works at Altamira. I am confident, if I could trace my lineage to paleolithic times, I would have been one that ‘wrote’ on the cave walls. I write and teach calligraphy art and painting styles from early historic to contemporary writing. My services range from private commissions to commercial design and calligraphy: wedding, invitations, social events, specialty, resolutions, advertising, books, CD’s, and ad campaigns.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Muzeo presents: The Word, Ink and Blood

Here I am with Patricia Davis,
Manager, Special Events and Operations for The MUZEO.
Patricia's proficiency made everything look effortless and flow smoothly.
Thursday I had the great honor of demonstrating my Visigothic Versals and manuscript illumination work as part of the kick off of this marvelous exhibit. It's not to be missed.
See http://www.muzeo.org/ for a taste of exhibit and read more

THE WORD, Ink and Blood
February 3 – Sept. 9, 2012

THE WORD: Ink and Blood making its first ever west coast debut, is the world’s largest, most comprehensive exhibition on the history of the Bible and the origins of written language. This unprecedented collection of artifacts, which includes authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments, ancient biblical manuscripts and 5,000-year-old pictographic clay tablets from ancient MesopotamiaTake a journey back 5,000 years to trace the written history of our existence as it was preserved through the ink of scribes and the blood of martyrs. Dead Sea Scrolls, clay tablets, Hebrew Torahs and Gutenberg's Bible are notable artifacts in this exhibit.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Come see my Books - Letters - Exhibit

Book Display - Gothic Calligraphy Class - Solo Art Exhibit

Shirley Wible
Shirley Wible, Adult Program Coordinator
and handmade book and calligraphy enthusiast
invited me to - Display my hand-books
- Teach a Gothic Calligraphy class
- Present a Solo Exhibit.
 The beautiful new Sun City Library where my books are on display all month!
  • Gothic Calligrahy class Sunday, February 5, 2012. To  register for this FREE class call: 951-679-3534

  • Solo Art Exhibit is Sunday, February 26, 12:00- 3:30pm.  I'll have both originals and prints for sale.

Sun City Library
26982 Cherry Hills, Menifee, CA 92586
(951) 679-3534

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Programs, Classes & Workshops - 2012

You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.
     ~ Henri F. Amiel


Day at the Bleach

Sunday, March 11
1:pm - 5:pm
Friday, April 13, 2012        1:pm - 5:pm
   Combine the effects of drawing and lettering with bleach on luscious black paper embellished with pastels, color pencils and gold. The results are dramatic and visually exciting. Demonstrations include learning how to build texture, working with pastels, and various effects with bleach. Personal attention and an opportunity to play and express yourself in a different medium allows you to see your art in a fresh new way. All Supplies Included! but feel free to bring supplies you would like to experiment with. Wear old clothes and/or apron. Complete a minimum of two pieces of frame-able art.
Bravo School of Art • 619-223-0058
2690 Historic Decatur Rd., Studio 206, San Diego CA 92106

Gothic work for OCCCA
Sunday, Feb 12
1pm – 5pm
Saturday, March 17

1pm – 5pm 
     Books were handmade and written in Gothic calligraphy from the middle ages to the revolution of the printing of the Gutenberg Bible. The historic and versatile Gothic lettering style is strong and rhythmic. It’s surprisingly easy to learn. All Supplies Included! Pre-lined paper and taught in family letters will enable you to write the Gothic alphabet by the end of class. Class includes simple Gothic calligraphy projects, hand-outs that include exemplars, decorative variations, numbers, suggested reference books and websites, and samples of Gothic calligraphy ranging from mediaeval to modern applications.
To Register:  Bravo School of Art • 619-223-0058
2690 Historic Decatur Rd., Studio 206, San Diego CA 92106

 1pm – 5pm

Sample Groovy Paper
Tuesday, February 28
1:pm – 5:pm
Sunday, April 22
1:pm – 5:pm
Create decorative painted papers covered in ribbons, swirls and textures of color. Bring an attitude for fun and a curiosity for exploration of colors and shapes and a desire to let go and paint like Jackson Pollack! Introduction exercises warm you up and quickly get you started. Each groovy painted paper created is an original work of art achieved by the individual movements of your arm, wrist and hand. The more you do, the more inspired, confident and experimental you become. Ideal for book covers, cards and boxes. All materials and supplies and project patterns included. Feel free to bring tools that make textural marks, canvas bags, aprons, etc. No previous experience required.
To Register:  Bravo School of Art • 619-223-0058 
2690 Historic Decatur Rd., Studio 206, San Diego CA 92106

Sunday, February 12 1pm – 5pm

Tuesday, February 28
1:pm – 5pm


DAY AT THE BLEACH (see January)Sunday, March 11 1:pm – 5:pm

  • Saturday, March 17 1pm – 5pm at Bravo School of Art
  • Saturday, March 24 - 1:00 3:00pm
Temecula Valley Museum
28314 Mercedes Street
Temecula, CA 92592
(951) 694-6450


Saturday, April 21, 2010 10:am - 4:pm

To Register:  Carol Landford
clandford@steadfasthbs.com or 951-285-7015
38975 Sky Canyon Drive, Suite 201, Murrieta, CA 

DAY AT THE BLEACH (see January)
Friday, April 13
1pm – 5pm


Thursdays, April 26 thru May 10, 2012 6:pm - 8:pm
     To Register:  Carol Landford
clandford@steadfasthbs.com or 951-285-7015
38975 Sky Canyon Drive, Suite 201, Murrieta, CA 

Sunday, April 22 1pm – 5pm



A One Day Workshop
Saturday, July 2110:am - 4:00
     From the French diapre (variegated), a diaper pattern is a repetitive geometric pattern often used as a background.  Final Project is a Medieval decorated initial the includes Diapering, turning acatha leaves, and gold tooling techniques.

To Register:  Carol Landford, clandford@steadfasthbs.com or 951-285-7015
38975 Sky Canyon Dr., Suite 201, Murrieta, CA 


CAMAIEU or DEMI-GRISAILLE A medieval painting technique
     Camaieu or Demi-Grisaille is a 14th century French art style, encouraged by the refined tastes of court patrons, artists created a tour de force style later known as camaieu in which elegant figures were painted in a monochrome (or demi-grisaille) technique were set against gaily colored backgrounds enlivened by fine gilding. The vellum is your lightest value and shades of grey create the fabric folds. Other than your personal brushes, All Supplies provided, including vellum

Saturday, May 26th 11:am - 4:pm
Escondido Arts Partnership - Municipal Gallery
262 E. Grand Ave., Escondido, CA 92025 / 760-480-4101

Saturday, September 15th 9:30am - 4:pm
Fallbrook School of the Arts

310 East Alvarado St., Fallbrook, CA 92028 / 760-728-6383

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Summation lV

The Escondido Arts Partnership’s annual year-end juried exhibition features some of the finest work produced and displayed by San Diego and Southern California regional artists in 2011. Artwork from the exhibition is part of the annual Summation publication by Poet’s Inc. which documents poetry inspired by works of art in the exhibition. Summation 2011 celebrates the summations of an artists vision and process during the year.

My two pieces, Go Forth Boldly and Vicious Poodle were accepted

Wendy Wison, Executive Director of EAP

View from the Sidewalk...I'm in the front window!

The Vicious Poodle
I had so much fun watching everyone read it. 
I could tell when they finished because they were laughing.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Study in Grisaille

Study in Grisaille
is on view November 1 - 30, 2011
in the juried Small Works exhibit, at Brandon Gallery, Fallbrook, CA

6" x 6-1/4", gouache on parchment
  Inspired by The Creation of the Sun and Moon by Master of Jean de Mandeville 

Met Mr. Steven Weston the owner of Study in Grisaille 

Steve bought Study in Grisaille at the The Brandon Gallery, Artist Reception

Camaieu or Demi-Grisaille
is a 14th century French painting technique which I offer as a workshop.
It's considered a luxury workshop because of the materials; parchment, gouache and gilding.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Visigothic Versals on mask

Trick or Treat!
Paper mache mask with
 Visigothic Versals minuscules

4" x 5"
The red 'balls', on the end of the beads, are actually little bells

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Postal Notes - Program

Postal Notes is a wonderful One-Day Workshop. 
Note cards are created using postage stamps as the theme.
The seven principal elements of design*, are combined to make beautiful, interesting and unique note cards.
There's the added bonus of finally finding a use for the scraps of paper, ribbons, bows and other
beautiful bits that are too precious to throw away.

The seven principal elements of design:
Line, Shape, Balance, Size, Texture, Color and Value

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carolingian Calligraphy

The final project for
Introduction to Carolingian, an 8 week calligraphy course,
was the collaborative book, OCEANS OF INK.

Each student created one page per student. (10 students = 10 pages.)
Individually designed book covers and pages were bound in our last (8th) class.

Books measure: 11-1/2" wide X 5-1/2" high.


Red Carritte

Juanita Garcia

Carol Landford

Kim Stirratt

Dorothy Wilson

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Calligraphy Library Exhibit

The Final Project for
Introduction to Uncial Calligraphy, an 8 week course,
was the historically accurate 4th century Nag Hammadi book written in 4th century Uncial (Celtic style) calligraphy.

Guest bookbinder, Edna Wright, taught this earlest-known bound book structure,
which was named after the town in Egypt near where the books were discovered in 1945.

Carol Landford, Moi, Edna Wright, Amy Woodruff

Our thanks to Laura Davis, Murrieta Public Library Community Outreach Coordinator
for the for inviting us to exhibit our books.
Amy Woodruff
Amy Woodruff

Amy Woodruff

Red Carritte

Red Carritte

Red Carritte

Carol Landford

Kim Stirratt

Kim Stirratt

Kim Stirratt